Things I Miss

26 Jan
Downtown Reno with Mt Rose in the background

Downtown Reno with Mt Rose in the background

After Monday morning’s German test, I have no classes until March 7th. I’ve decided to run away to visit friends in London, followed by a trip home. I just finished packing my suitcase full of stuff to take and leave at home, as well as stuff I know I will want while I’m home. I’m already worried about missing my friends here and about seeing everyone at home. I’m curious to see how the US looks and feels after nearly four months here. I’m curious to see how *I* feel.

As I packed and in anticipation of returning to a country where I can read and understand everything around me again – I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I miss from home.   Surprisingly, my list is fairly short. Given that my longest stretch here is yet to come – my list might look different by the time I reach September. Here is a list from the top of my head:

  1. Family and friends – can’t wait to hug and catch up with all of you IN PERSON!
  2. Food! Okay, so we knew there would be food stuffs on this list. Accept it and let me dream about all the food items I have been practically fantasizing about – PORK!, Mexican food, nachos (I know it’s technically Mexican but given the ones I really want are from Silver Peak – they count as their own category), pad thai from the Noodle Hut, biscuits and gravy, pumpkin pie, McDonald’s sausage biscuits, dry white wine (they LOVE sweet white wine here), the kale salad at Campo, Chinese food…I’m sure there is more that I’m forgetting. Friends – let me know if you’d like to join me for any of these food endeavors. And if you want to work out afterwards – my posterior will need it if I do indulge in all the above!
  3. My Jeep. Being able to hop in my car and not have to worry about navigating bus and train schedules.
  4. My ugly orange cat, Loki.
  5. My bed – but this one will have to wait since mine is in storage until I return in the fall. It will be so nice to sleep on a comfortable bed that’s bigger than twin sized!
  6. The mountains. Granted, I live on Mount Carmel but I miss seeing the mountains in every direction.
  7. More clothes! I’m looking forward to changing out some of my clothes. I’m bringing many of my cool weather clothes home and bringing back more summery stuff. Especially given I have a better idea of how blooming hot it’s going to get this summer.

I will try to write a blog post or two while I’m away from Haifa. In the meantime, thanks for following me through my first semester here. It feels like it went by so quickly. There is still so much I’ll looking forward to doing (Masada, Petra and more). A few friends and I are planning a road trip next semester too. Not to mention starting my thesis research and writing! Ekk! So lots of interesting (hopefully!) posts to come soon!


2 Responses to “Things I Miss”

  1. Sabrina January 26, 2013 at 9:40 pm #

    Ok, a few things: Viel Glueck fuer Deinen Deutsch Test!!! I’m always up for food (okay, maybe not McDonalds, but Mexican, Thai, breakfast….). If you need a good workout, the TRX class at Lombardi is an awesome low-impact all body workout that will leave you sore everywhere!!! And – your cat isn’t ugly 🙂
    I can’t wait to see you!!!

  2. Angie February 7, 2013 at 7:44 am #

    Hi Mary! I’ll be studying abroad in Haifa starting late February, and I’m looking for a christian church.. non- denominational or denominational please let me know of any thanks!


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