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Odd Man Out

2 Jul

 One of these things is not like the other...

I have been talking to many people about Israel and, unsurprisingly, the majority of the people I know with extensive experience in Israel are Jewish. As I’ve had these conversations I’ve noticed a common theme. Many of my Jewish friends have noted that one of the things they like & appreciate about Israel is that in their home countries, being Jewish makes them a minority. Being in Israel is the first time that they have ever been in the majority. I, myself, am not Jewish and though I’ve never been baptized I am identified as Christian. My “religion” has been the majority of every country I’ve lived in and most countries I’ve traveled to. The ethnic stew that makes up my genealogical background (English, German, Irish) has allowed me to blend into the crowd in most of the countries I’ve traveled in. All this to say – I’ve never really felt what it’s like to be in the minority. With the big exception being my trip to China. I definitely stood out there! I felt very conspicuous at times being both western and a female traveling alone. It didn’t hinder me – it felt more like everyone was aware of me. There was no blending in to be done. I was only there for a just over two weeks so this attention did not have time to wear thin or bother me too much. The difference this time is that what will make me “unique” in Israel won’t be as readily apparent. Or at least from my current naive perspective – I don’t think it’s apparent. Regardless, I think it will be interesting to experience living in the minority.