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Double Digit Countdown

10 Jul


Well, Sunday marked 100 days until my departure. I’m down into the double digits now. Time seems to be zipping by! I’ve been so busy preparing for my departure at work (writing a manual on how to do my job, organizing old emails, finishing the marketing campaign early) and at home (moving, getting doctor check ups done) that it wasn’t until just recently that I’ve been able to think about what my time in Israel will be like. I guess it was still abstract in my mind until recently.

This weekend I went camping – it was a great excuse to slow down and think about where I am headed. I thought about the people & events I will miss here at home but at the same time, I thought about the people I will be meeting. When I moved to New Zealand, I found a place to live with three girls by the university. I had no idea at the time that I was moving in with some of my closest friends to this day. Will it be the same in Israel? As I read through the posts in our private group on Facebook, I can’t help but to think “Who will I be good friends with? Who will be my coffee buddy? Who will want to travel too?”

I’ve lived abroad enough times and worked with study abroad students long enough to know all the stages of culture shock. I’m looking forward to the settled in stage. When I’ve found my groove, made friends and have a routine. At the same time, I look forward to the adjustment of a new place – those early stages of the culture shock curve. I have already reached out to two groups outside of the university to help me settle in and meet new people. The Haifa English Theater, a local community theater not too far from campus and the Tel Aviv Derby Girls. Both are activities close to my heart and both are groups that are typically inclusive and friendly. I want to be able to meet people outside of the university and my program. I doubt I will get involved in both organizations but I like knowing they are there for me. I’ve also discovered that as a masters student, I’m allowed to play on the intermural teams. Might need to pack my soccer cleats.