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Out and About

30 Oct

I had a very fun day yesterday exploring the local area. Before I jump into that – I know what you are thinking, “Doesn’t Mary ever go to school?” I promise you I do. I have classes all day Sunday and half day Wednesday. Right now, that leave A LOT of free time. Hence the excursions. But I promise I am still reading plenty and today I’ll be writing a response paper about a book I’ve been reading. It’s not all eating Bon Bons beachside, I promise! I will talk more about academic stuff after I tell you about yesterday.

Yesterday, my friend, Victoria and I took a bus to a small Druze village just north of campus. Since we didn’t have any classes – we decided to check it out. It’s literally maybe a 15 minute bus ride past campus. We had heard that it was a much cheaper place to buy stuff but not many students went that way. We jumped off at an interesting looking stop and just poked around. We stumbled across this store that from the outside looked ramshackled at best. We decided to go inside to see what they had. We discovered the neatest home goods store that was DIRT CHEAP. I bought two gorgeous Morrocan glasses for wine and a tiny handcrafted bowl to hold my earrings. I spent the equivalent of $7. I have my eye on an awesome, cuddly blanket that I may go back for! Especially now that the evening are getting so cool. Afterwards, we were kind of wandering when we could smell some food. We followed our noses to a hole in the wall restaurant above a shop. We weren’t even sure it was a restaurant at first because there was only a sign in the parking lot (a simple sketch of a fish and an arrow) but nothing on the door. Once we were assured it was a restaurant, they escorted us into the main room that had fantastic views of the whole village and all the way down to Haifa Bay. The only one waiter spoke English and he helped us. He explained that they did not have menus in English but suggested we have “a meat and a fish.” We agreed after pointing out we were grad schools and not entirely rich. He promised what he would bring would be very good but not expensive. He also explained that the salad course was free. That was perfect!

We were busy admiring the view when he walked up with our “salads.” He puts on the table eight little boats of various items – marinated zucchini, tuna salad, baba ganoush, roasted eggplant, crab, tahini, carrots in sweet chili sauce and more! Then comes a big plate with homemade hummus and several pitas, along with three mini salads. I would post photos but my internet is being dramatic – I will post some soon! We could have made a meal out of this alone. Then after we gorge ourselves on this – out comes a massive fish (we were able to piece together it was some kind of fresh snapper) and a big steak. It was all so, so good! We ate ourselves silly. After our food fest, the waiter brought us two large mint teas. He went outside, picked fresh mint, put it in our cups and then filled it with hot water. He brought a small plate with a few stems of lemongrass to add too if we liked. Even that was tasty! We were getting worried about how much everything would cost since we hadn’t seen a menu. We were stunned to discover this massive lunch only cost us around $23/person! I know that’s expensive for your typical lunch but I was still full at dinnertime and I have no desire yet for breakfast. He even packed up the leftovers for us to take with us – yay! I will be eating leftovers for a while. We literally waddled our way out of the restaurant. We were too stuffed to explore much more for that day. We headed back to Haifa to relax and do some more reading.

On an academic front – I had one new class this week – The Final Solution. It is being taught by the Senior Historian at Yad Vashem. I liken this to the Senior Art Director at the Louvre teaching art students. We are so lucky!! It’s a great class and I can already tell I will learn A LOT from this professor. He will make us work hard, but it will be worth it.

On Sunday, our Program Director, Yael brought in many people to discuss potential internship sites on Sunday evening. We have so many options! Many of the opportunities required language skills beyond English or Hebrew so they are automatically out for me but there are several I am incredibly interested in. The two I am most excited about are in Jerusalem. We will have funding for our transportation back and forth from Haifa to Jerusalem (or any other internship site) so that will help greatly. They only required a commitment of one full day a week and by bus, it’s a two hour trip each direction to Jerusalem. I can take my readings with me and do homework on the bus too. The first opportunity I am interested in is working with the Oral History Department at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. They just received 1,500 interviews of people who were children during the Holocaust and instead of being interviewed generally about their experiences – the interviews were conducted by psychologists. The interviews need abstracts done on them. It sounds incredibly fascinating. They have several other super interesting projects going on too that I would be happy to work on but this one really caught my attention.  The second internship I would like to do is working with Yad Vashem in the Righteous Among the Nations department. This is the area of the museum that concentrates on righteous gentiles. They desperately need researchers and transcribers. It’s right up my alley as far as my area of interest. They strongly encourage people with other language skills but I emailed the Director seperately and she assured me that they still had work for English speakers. We will see. I will keep you posted on where I get placed (we get to list our order of preference and when we’d like to intern – the actual placement is out of our hands).