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Spring Semester Resolutions

17 Feb

The Dead Sea

Well, before I know it I’ll be back in Haifa – buried waist deep in the spring semester. Last semester FLEW by so quickly and this coming semester is already shaping up to be a challenging one. Though between all my classes and a once a week internship in Jerusalem – I’d really like to get out and explore more. Here are some of the resolutions I’ve been thinking about:

  • Go to the beach in Haifa! Why can’t I do my Holocaust readings as the waves crash in the background?!?
  • Explore more of Haifa. I have yet to find a good hummus shop. 
  • Take a road trip! A few friends are discussing this plan. We are trying to decide rather to head north or south.
  • The Dead Sea. I need to get this one off the “must see” list soon!
  • Masada
  • We have two separate two week breaks coming up. At least one of these will be spent abroad. Hopefully, both will be. Hello Jordan! Hello Greece!

Of course, I want to do far more than this but I’m trying not to put too much pressure on an already crazy semester. Anything else I do beyond this list will be a bonus. Plus, we have our field trip to Poland and Germany coming up next semester as well. Busy little bee…