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Exploring My New Neighborhood

23 Oct

I didn’t have class yesterday so I took the opportunity to hop the bus and explore my new city. I was aiming for the area around the Horev Center (very close to campus) but I ended up two neighborhoods past that. I didn’t mind and enjoyed puttering around the stores and getting a good feel for the area. I had lunch at a great cafe and enjoyed a lemon mint drink and a huge fattoush salad. I am definitely really enjoying all the incredible salads! You can see pictures of yesterday’s lunch in my new Israel album on Facebook. As far as shopping went, I ended up buying some hangers for my closet (I still need more!), a pretty plant (as seen here) and some matches (to light a candle).


My new plant friend. Anyone know what kind of plant this is?

I really enjoyed exploring the area and taking my time. I found a nice grocery store, I bought my plant from a very small shop owned by an incredibly patient lady who smiled a lot at my hand signals as we tried to understand each other with minimal Hebrew on my part and no English on hers. She was lovely and I may go back to buy another plant from her. The cafe I had lunch at was very relaxed with open windows to enjoy the breeze. I mostly people watched as I ate. 

One of the best parts of being out and about yesterday was on my way back to campus our bus stopped to pick up people at an apparently very popular bus stop. As we waited for people to board, I realized I recognized one of the ladies waiting for another bus. It was my classmate, Alison who lives here in Haifa with her family. We happily waved at each other. A few minutes after that, our bus was stopped at a red light and my window was even with a small black compact car. I glanced over and saw another classmate, an Israeli named Daphna. We both smiled at our luck and waved. Both were such simple events but they still warmed my heart and helped to make Haifa feel a bit more like home.