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Good News

5 Aug

On Friday, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from the University of Haifa announcing I was the recipient of a very unexpected and incredibly generous $5,000 scholarship. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to get this scholarship! I had previously worked out a budget for my year abroad and though I felt comfortable having to stick to a pretty strict budget – there was minimal padding for unexpected costs. I have been saving like crazy for months with the theory that any money I can save now is what I will be living off of during the year. This $5,000 means that I won’t have to sweat every single purchase -though I will still not be living the high life (as if that’s any different from my life in Reno!) – it gives me a cushion and best of all, peace of mind.

One of the parameters for this scholarship is that I have to volunteer for three hours per week in the community. I had already mentioned how I wanted something to do outside of school – this fits perfect! Now I need to decide what kind of volunteering I want to do. The University has vetted many programs – teaching English in local schools, assisting at a retirement home (this one requires Hebrew though so it’s probably out for me) and working with recently immigrated children (mostly from Ethiopia). Two programs offered have really caught my interest. One is working at a community center specifically designed to bring together children from Muslim, Christian and Jewish backgrounds with the hope that fostering friendships at such a young age will lead to a more peaceful, integrated society. The other program is related to my area of study – helping to record survivor stories from the Holocaust. This precious piece of living history is irreplaceable so a major effort is being made to collect these stories before the storytellers are no longer with us. Regardless what I choose, I’m really excited to be involved in the community. It’s definitely the frosting on a pretty awesome surprise!