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Staying in Touch

26 Aug

Thank goodness for email, Skype, Facebook and texting!

As my departure nears, I’m experiencing a range of emotions from excited to overwhelmed to – let’s be honest – semi-maniac. Those closest to me seem to be doing the same thing. Some friends have already started pulling away, others have been increasingly clingy. I can say I’ve been reacting the same way with different people in my life. Since I’ve moved abroad two times before – I’ve experienced most of the various reactions from friends and loved ones. I try very hard not to take it personally but sometimes it’s hard when I feel like I have this mental clock ticking away in my head and I really want to spend time with someone who is choosing to pull away from me. It takes every bit of willpower to keep from stomping my foot and saying, “Don’t you realize we are running out of time to hang out?!?” So far I’ve been able to keep all tantrums at bay. Everyone deals with change differently – I need to learn to give people the space & understanding to do this.

So with my departure comes lots of questions about how to stay in touch with me. There is a whole new world of ways to stay connected since I last lived abroad in 2003. Though I have to admit, given the antics we got up to when I lived in Germany – I’m incredibly thankful Facebook did not exist yet! You can, of course, leave comments on this blog for me. To the right, you will see where you can subscribe to this blog so that you’ll be notified anytime I write a new post. Facebook and email are always an option. I do have a Skype account that will be my primary way of calling the US – I’m listed under MaryRHenry. I am taking my iPhone with me and getting an Israeli SIM card. Those that have iPhones – I’ve heard we can still text and FaceTime for free (can anyone confirm this for me?). If you have a smartphone – download “What’s App” and we can text and send short videos for free. I’ve used this app a lot when traveling internationally since getting my iPhone. I’d love to hear any other recommendations that anyone has.

Once I am settled in Israel, I will post my mailing address and remind you of how to stay in touch. In the meantime, I will continue spending time with friends & loved ones and enjoying the time we have together.