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Hitting the Books

23 Jul

So this week a new reality has sunk in for me. I’m going back to school. 

Yes, I know totally Captain Obvious. But I hadn’t really thought about the actual STUDYING part too much until just recently. I was still too busy getting my head around leaving for a year and the prep that goes into that. This week our group on Facebook has already starting talking about setting up study groups given the insane amount of reading we are going to pack into a year’s time. It is a two year degree crammed into one year after all. Again, something I realized but didn’t really think about.

I’m not trying to sound freaked out. I’m not freaked out. Okay, maybe a smidge. I was doing okay on the not freaked out front until someone in our group pointed out that we only have classes two days a week. And that the expectation is that the rest of the time we’d be doing research or studying. Yikes! It’s been a VERY long time since I was a student. My study skills are probably pretty rusty at this point. I hope I can find my groove again pretty quickly. History requires a lot of reading and this program will require readings not only in English but German too. I’ll just have to dug deep and do my best. I know I can be successful – I just need to tame the worry monster. My biggest advantage is – my whole reason for being in Israel is to study on this program. No outside influences. No day-to-day Reno home life to distract me. Though anyone who knows me, knows I’m always up for distraction. It’s going to be interesting!

My next hurdle to tackle is to decide if I want to take the thesis track (less classes but massive research paper at the end) or the comprehensive exam track (more classes but a final test where you can be tested on anything you learned in any class you took in the last year). Not sure when that decision needs to be made. I’ve already have a few thesis ideas floating around but there are also several classes that I’d really like to take that I can only do if I choose the exam track. I’ve still have time yet (less than 3 months now).

On an unrelated note, another popular topic of discussion in our Facebook group is where everyone is going to live. Our original paperwork stated that we were required to live on campus. Since most of the students on my program are “non-traditional” students (read: old!) the university has granted us an exception if we’d like to live off campus. After much debate, I’ve decided to live on campus my first semester then decide rather to stay there for the other two semesters. I’m hoping that by living on campus, studying will be easier and I will meet more people. Plus, I’d rather get to know the city so I can best decide which neighborhood I’d like to live in. Not to mention, get to know the other students so I can figure out who I would be willing to be roommates with!