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Spring Semester Resolutions

17 Feb

The Dead Sea

Well, before I know it I’ll be back in Haifa – buried waist deep in the spring semester. Last semester FLEW by so quickly and this coming semester is already shaping up to be a challenging one. Though between all my classes and a once a week internship in Jerusalem – I’d really like to get out and explore more. Here are some of the resolutions I’ve been thinking about:

  • Go to the beach in Haifa! Why can’t I do my Holocaust readings as the waves crash in the background?!?
  • Explore more of Haifa. I have yet to find a good hummus shop. 
  • Take a road trip! A few friends are discussing this plan. We are trying to decide rather to head north or south.
  • The Dead Sea. I need to get this one off the “must see” list soon!
  • Masada
  • We have two separate two week breaks coming up. At least one of these will be spent abroad. Hopefully, both will be. Hello Jordan! Hello Greece!

Of course, I want to do far more than this but I’m trying not to put too much pressure on an already crazy semester. Anything else I do beyond this list will be a bonus. Plus, we have our field trip to Poland and Germany coming up next semester as well. Busy little bee…


The Itch

25 Nov

ImageSo given the crazy security situation in the last few weeks, coupled with trying to get my head around being a student again – I haven’t gotten out of Haifa as much as I’d like. In fact, all my time that I’ve spent on campus in the last two weeks have left me incredibly stir crazy! Yesterday, after studying for two days straight – I was ready to start talking to the walls in my room. I am dying to go explore somewhere – see something new – and leave my books behind for a few days! 

This coming weekend, the International School has organized a camping and hiking trip that will also take us to the Dead Sea. I am strongly considering this – though I’m fearful it might be too cold to float in the Sea. It’s only $100 for two days and everything will be taken care of for us. My other option is going with a few friends to Jerusalem for the weekend but we have a friend’s birthday party on Thursday night that we don’t want to miss. Since Jerusalem basically shuts down solid on Shabbat – it doesn’t make sense just to go for Friday until sunset. We are now leaning towards going to Jerusalem closer to Christmas. We have also heard that Nazareth has a great Christmas market throughout December – we’d really like to experience that. 

I have booked a trip to London and then home for February. We have six weeks off between the fall and spring semesters. I’m so excited to see my friends in London and help celebrate my friend, Elle’s return to New Zealand. After that, I head to Reno for a few weeks to enjoy time with friends and family. 

It seems like this semester has slipped away from us. As a grad student – it’s so easy to get buried in your books and research – you need to make a effort to get out there! Last night over dinner, two friends and I pulled out our calendars and started making plans. Akko, Nazareth and Jerusalem are in our sites before the end of the semester. We’ve only got December and January remaining. Lots of looming deadlines but plenty of time to squeeze in some fun!

A step closer…

22 May

I purchased my tickets to Israel last week. Actually, I’m using miles that I collected from work travel. I leave at 6 a.m. Wednesday, October 17th and arrive 1 p.m. on Thursday. I’m taking a bit of a round about route to get there (Reno – San Francisco – Washington Dulles – Munich – Tel Aviv) but I am at the mercy of what’s available using my miles. The advantage of this crazy routing – I’ll be flying business class and I arrive at a decent time. If I flew a more direct routing then I would arrive at 2 a.m. Given that I must take a train from Tel Aviv to Haifa after arriving – I don’t want to do that in the middle of the night after flying all day. I have to admit – I am looking forward to a quick beer and pretzel during my layover in Munich.

Just this morning I received my first syllabi and reading list for my German language classes. Over the next several weeks I’ll be getting more reading lists for each course. If you are curious what kinds of classes I’ll be taking, you can find the course listings here.